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Friday, April 21, 2006

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Some Happy Thoughts (For a Change)

It seems that a response to that recent "what warming?" open letter to Stephen Harper has been published by the CBC, at least on the web. This one is clearly from the reality based community!

See here for the article, which does link as well to this .pdf of the letter. It has 90 signatures, more than the 60 from the other. Jennifer Marohasy asks disingenously: is 60 better than 90?

Well it depends who they are. I'm sure you could find 90 people with PhD's to sign just about anything (60 has been done, as we saw already!). I did however note the following things about these 90 signatories, all of which are a contrast to that other letter's 60 signatories:
  • they are all from Canadian institutions
  • they are all working in climate science fields
  • they are unfamiliar names to me (i.e. busy doing their jobs rather than op-eds and Fox News interviews)

I think that is significant and commendable.

And for the laugh half of the laugh or cry choice we all face trying to debate science with people who long ago left the reality-based community, I invite you to view this message from The Blue Men.



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