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Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Farewell Blogger

This posting is my last here on blogger, A Few Things Ill Considered has moved over to Science Blogs. I am very excitied about the move and pleased to be in the company of such notables as Tim Lambert, William Connolley and Chris Mooney, and many other quality bloggers that I don't yet read regularily.

The new URL is http://scienceblogs.com/illconsidered and the RSS feed can be found here, please update bookmarks, subscriptions and blogrolls accordingly.

A Few Things Ill Considered began in January of 2006 and to date has had over 218 thousand visitors and 550 thousand page views. I am grateful and flattered for all this readership. I know it has been quiet recently but I am stepping things up now at the new location. My first introductory post is here.

Science Blogs is holding a contest for the 500,000th comment which is very near, so why not drop by, say hello and win a prize?

See you there!



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