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Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Another week of GW news - November 19, 2006

(Courtesy of H.E.Taylor, here is this week's GW news roundup

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The Nairobi conference is covered in a seperate posting. See "Another week of GW news - Nairobi"

The Stern Review is still causing ripples:

At the APEC conference:

As for recent GHG statistics:

This strikes me as a significant unknown:

An El Nino is currently underway:

Not to mention the ozone hole:

Remember the hurricane wars?:

There has been some pre-AR4 chatter:

Meanwhile glaciers are melting:

And the Arctic:

The AMS released a draft statement on Climate Change:

The impacts of GW are becoming clearer:

Then there are the tropical rainforests:

Speaking of floods & droughts:

The troubling matter of falling food production is not going away:

Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

And on the carbon sequestration front:

Meanwhile in the journals:

Before we get into politics, there was some science done:

Here is a counterintuitive feedback:

The Pielke fanclub is in fine fettle:

Meanwhile on the emissions trading front:

Lists, we have lists:

In the international arena:

How do you suppose the WTO would take to these tariffs?

And on the American political front:

While in the hope springs eternal department:

The Gore-apalooza is still bopping along:

While on the UK political front:

Elsewhere in Britain:

It seems British children have a grim perspective:

Meanwhile in Europe:

Meanwhile in Australia:

And Al Gore is in Australia again to train his climate messengers:

And in Canada, the oil sands are one hot political potato:

While shrub won his richly deserved reward:

Otherwise in Canada:

The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

And the difficult question of aviation & GHG production is in the air:

The movement toward ecologically based economics is glacial:

Apocalypso anyone?:

As for how the media handles the science of climatology:

One WaPo columnist came in for particular calumny:

Here is something for your library:

And for your film & video enjoyment:

Meanwhile in the 'Sue the Bastards!' contingent:

Developing a new energy infrastructure is the fundamental challenge of the current generation:

And then there is the matter of efficiency:

The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

Insurance and re-insurance companies are feeling the heat:

The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

A contretemps between Monbiot and Monckton triggered much comment:

Coby Beck is continuing to post his excellent "How to Talk to a Global Warming Sceptic" series on GristMill:

Then there was the usual news and commentary:

And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:



PS. You can access the previous postings of this series here.


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