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Saturday, November 05, 2005

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Why Blog?

There are basically three reasons I have decided to set this blog up. Firstly, I find myself spending a lot of time posting on Usenet, too much really, so I thought this could use up even more time! No, not really, I am hoping this will save time. Time I spend composing essentially the same thoughts repeatedly and time I spend searching via Google Groups for past postings so that I can be quicker at repeating myself. If I find a particular topic or thought compelling enough to repeat, perhaps turning it into a blog post will help refine it and provide an easier reference for myself and others who might be interested enough to click a link.

Secondly, I think blogs are a great phenomenon, an exciting way to express ones' unique perspective and assert one's individuality.

Thirdly, everyone else is doing it.

The rest is about to become just more history. I hope you do not regret your time spent reading or, hopefully, posting comments here.