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Sunday, December 10, 2006

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Another week of GW news - December 10, 2006

(Courtesy of H.E.Taylor, here is this week's GW news roundup

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NASA reports phytoplankton are diminishing due to GW:

Recent GHG statistics are not encouraging:

In the hurricane wars:

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And the measured temperature keeps rising:

The lack of Alpine snow for skiing seemed to catch on:

Meanwhile on the el Niño front:

Some Stern commentary:

Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

Oh those startling Antarctica stories:

And another from the Arctic:

More GW impacts are being seen:

And then there are the tropical rainforests:

Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

And speaking of floods & droughts:

The drought in Australia is rough:

The troubling matter of falling food production is not going away:

Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

And on the carbon sequestration front:

Meanwhile in the journals:

Before we get into politics, there was some science done:

The parallel of the PETM [Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum] is slightly ominous:

The travails of getting science published:

Another one of those everything is different stories:

While on the Kyoto front:

And on the emissions trading front:

The US and EU are still at loggerheads over CO2 and aviation:

Cities are doing what national governments won't:

And on the American political front:

The SCOTUS Mass vs. EPA case came in for more commentary:

The Gore-apalooza is still bopping along:

While on the UK political front:

Meanwhile in Europe:

Meanwhile in Australia:

Aussie PM Howard is still running with the Big Dry hot behind:

While in Canada:

The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

Apocalypso anyone?:

As for how the media handles the science of climatology:

Here is something for your library:

Developing a new energy infrastructure is the fundamental challenge of the current generation:

The US EIA released their Annual Energy Outlook which features a business as usual projection of CO2 emissions:

A paper on biofuel sources drew some interest:

And then there is the matter of efficiency:

The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

Insurance and re-insurance companies are feeling the heat:

The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

Senator Inhofe held a final forum that elicited much comment:

Then there was the usual news and commentary:

And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:



PS. You can access the previous postings of this series here


"The climate system has enormous momentum, as does the economic system that emits so much carbon dioxide. Like a supertanker, which has to turn off its engines 25 km before it comes to a stop, we have to start turning off greenhouse gas emissions now in order to avoid catastrophe in decades to come."
-Dr. Frank Ackerman

Global Warming: http://www.autobahn.mb.ca/~het/enviro/globalwarming.html
GW News: http://www.autobahn.mb.ca/~het/enviro/gwnews.html
GW News Archive: http://www.autobahn.mb.ca/~het/enviro/gwna.html
H.E. Taylor http://www.autobahn.mb.ca/~het/



  • At December 15, 2006 12:00 PM, Blogger Kari Herring said…

    can i link your site to mine? i'm trying to spread the word about environmental issues. my blog is just things in my every day life, but people need to know about this stuff so it would be cool to have a link up.

  • At December 15, 2006 12:11 PM, Blogger coby said…

    Sure Kari, be my guest!

  • At January 04, 2007 1:48 AM, Blogger Ely said…

    Have you made any posts about choices that people can make individually that can reduce green house gases?

  • At January 05, 2007 9:25 AM, Blogger coby said…

    Hi Max,

    No I haven't and I think I should do so. I have been focused pretty much exclusively on getting us past the "scientific" debate.

    I think the An Inconvenient Truth's website has those resources. You can also check some of the links here, there are many others but this section seems most likely to have the kind of things you are looking for.

    Thanks for the visit!


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