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Monday, December 18, 2006

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Another week of GW news - December 17, 2006

(Courtesy of H.E.Taylor, here is this week's GW news roundup
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Beginning with some almost seasonal fun:

The big story of the week has to be the projection of an ice free Arctic by 2040:

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Although the temperature is still going up:

And the European ski slope theme is popular:

Whoops, sea level rise is accelerating:

Recent GHG statistics are not encouraging:

In the hurricane wars:

Anyone with any sense is waiting to see what the IPCC report [AR4] actually says before commenting, meanwhile:

The IODP reports that methane cathrates are found at shallower depths than expected:

Stern and his Review are still being batted around:

Glaciers are melting:

While on the el Niño front:

And in near earth orbit:

The changing atmosphere is projected to affect LEO spacecraft:

More GW impacts are being seen:

Then there are the tropical rainforests:

Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

Speaking of floods & droughts:

Bushfires are plaguing Australia:

The troubling matter of falling food production is not going away:

I expect this idea will tee off more than a few people:

Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

Meanwhile in the journals:

Before we get into politics, there was some science done:

On the 'everything is different' theme:

Meanwhile on the emissions trading front:

  • 2006/12/15: EBR: EU emissions trading failing in current climate
    Despite the fanfare at its launch, it seems the EU emissions trading scheme will ultimately fail to deliver in its current form. An over-allocation of emissions credits in the first phase continues to subdue the price of carbon below levels necessary to promote genuine investment in carbon abatement. Moreover, a lack of policy cohesion is undermining attempts to get phase two back on track.

And on the American political front:

The issue of political interference in science is gathering force:

The Gore-apalooza is still bopping along:

While on the UK political front:

A plan for a universal carbon trading system has been floated:

Meanwhile in Europe:

And in Australia:

And in Canada, minority neocon PM Harper continues his inaction:

Continuing with the theme of local action in the face of federal inaction:

The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

The movement toward ecologically based economics is glacial:

Bruce points to big changes coming down the pike:

As for how the media handles the science of climatology:

Here is an interesting contrast in headlines for the same story:

Wrestling over a new energy infrastructure continues unabated:

And then there is the question of what people do, as opposed to what they say:

While automakers, lawyers and activists argue over the future of the car:

The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

Insurance and re-insurance companies are feeling the heat:

The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

It looks like India is in denial:

It seems Mr. Crichton has found a unique way to deal with literary critics:

Coby Beck is continuing to post his excellent "How to Talk to a Global Warming Sceptic" series on GristMill:

There should be some kind of prize for Eli's consistently sharp and informed missives:

Then there was the usual news and commentary:

And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:



PS. You can access the previous postings of this series here


"We are certainly not to relinquish the evidence of experiments for the sake of dreams and vain fictions of our own devising."

-Sir Isaac Newton, Principia, 1687

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